Mae Mai Muay Thai – Sukreeep Thon Ton Rang

Sukreeep Thon Ton Rang
Wording description :
Sukreeep = สุครีพ A magic monkey character in Ramayana story.
Thon = ถอนTo pull up
Ton Rang = ต้นรัง a kind of a tree usually found in southern part of Thailand

The name of Mae Mai Muay Thai describes the action when a magic monkey pulling up a tree. As we usually see that most of the name of Mae Mai Muay Thai use character in Ramayana story. This because Thai people are really appreciated with Ramayana story.

Mae Mai Muay Thai - Sukreeep Thon Ton Rang
Sukreeep Thon Ton Rang is the technique that to protect from kick attack, in the same time respond by lift up the attacker’s leg to response in order to make the attacker loose the balance so the defensive have an opportunity to attack by other Mauy Thai techniques. The picture illustrates when the attacker kick to the body and the defensive use the left arm to block and in the same time grab the attacker’s leg up high in order to make attacker lose balance. Today this technique has been used in professional Muay Thai but not exactly the same with this illustration. The technique normally called “Tai Na” (ไถนา) which the defensive boxer grab and carry the attacker’s leg push the attacker forward.

Category: Advance Techniques