Mae Mai Muay Thai – Tad Mala

Tad Mala
Wording description :
Tad = place something on one’s ear
Mala = Flowers or garland

The name of Mae Mai Muay Thai describes the action when a man put a flower one one’s ear. The name of this technique illustrate the action when defensive boxer respond by using elbow strike.

Mae Mai Muay Thai - Tad Mala
Tad Mala This is the technique that boxer use to protect boxer from punch attack. The picture illustrates when the attacker take punch attack, then the defensive step beside to escape from the punch and use elbow strike to attack on the attacker’s neck.
Even though, the name Tad Mala generally refer to the elbow strike to attack in the ear, but sometimes, as illustrated in the picture shows that elbow strike can be applied to attack other part such as neck.

Category: Advance Techniques