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The Contender Asia: Episode 3

“Strong Mind, Fighting Spirit”

Episode 3 is very exciting. Rafik seems to be a bad guy since day one. This week the house refuse him.

The fight between Rafik and Dzhabar shown one point: Dzhabar did not attack Rafik when he was on a floor, while Rafik attacked Dzhabar when he was not ready.

When it came to the eliminate fight, JWP vs Rafik, I think it is a good matched. Although, Dzhabar fighting Rafik will be more exciting but that may not be a professional fight. It could lead to angry Fight Club style. Dzhabar shown his respect to this sport and his team mates decision.

In the ring, JWP seemed slow but he has good techniques. I think there was emotional involved in his move. He may want to win too much. Anyway, his experiences help him to protect himself from Rafik weapons.

Rafik, although with his big mouth, shows everyone he has a big heart too (at least in the ring). JWP’s nose got cut by Rafik elbow. The two did their best. JWP won by points.

It was a good fight.

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