Originally, this site was dedicated to all styles of Kickboxing. However, over the years, it has gradually become more and more dedicated to MuayThai fighting. This site is very popular amongst the British, and is a great resource for finding information about the MuayThai scene in the Isles. The site also often plays host to popular fighters such as John Wayne and Angie Parr, who are known to participate on the board from time-to-time. Though not quite unique, the site also has a “Chat Room” section that is fun to participate in from time to time, allowing one-on-one interaction with fellow site members. Unfortunately, for me the site is marred by its functionality. The site is designed to “refresh” itself at predetermined intervals, which can disrupt your navigation. Despite its faults, remains one of the better websites for the latest news in the world of MuayThai.

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