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The Contender Asia: Episode 4

The strongest one

During the week, I think there was nothing special after Rafik gone. A fighter is a fighter. After the fight, anger feeling was gone. The loser accepted the referee decision, the winner respected the loser. Like Dzhabar said, “Respect the fight. but not the mouth”.

Turning to the elimination fight, Yodsaenklai was fighting against Bruce. In my opinion, Bruce is a good fighter. He has good skills and strength. However, when facing Yodsaenklai, it was a different story. It is not that Bruce was not good, but it is Yodsaenklai that is very strong. His weapons were super fast, accurate and strong. I think he was not 100% because I see only his kicks and punches. He didn’t use his knees and elbows much.

So far, I think Yodsaenklai will go to the final.

Here is their fight:

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