Muay Thai in the UK


While it seems Muay Thai arts is spreading throughout the world. Many people think that the majority of international Muay Thai learners should be in the country like Japan, where the K-1 tournament is organised and mean while Bua Khao is creating his own reputation form Muay Thai and for himself in Japan and so many of his fans age range from young kids to middle adult interested and start to learn Muay Thai. As same as in the USA, when many of ex-famous Muay Thai fighter start building their own camps in the country, gaining reputation and it seems that there will be no more other country that will be the big market for Muay Thai. However, the fact is that we have also to mention about the UK. Although it seems that UK football is one of the most popular sport of the country and the people seem not to accept any type of sport from another. My friend who used to spend more than 5 years as a Muay Thai coach in the UK told me that the market for Muay Thai in the UK almost as big as the market for major type of sport like football!!!.

There are many of clubs and websites that talking about football but within some forum, there are more threads about Muay Thai than the threads about football. Even though there are still limited number of Muay thai camps that run by Thai “Kru” but the number of camps established by UK teachers have increased sharply in the past few years, and this include the market for Muay Thai equipment too.

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