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This website may unlike any other Muay Thai website because I can see not many sections that they have for Muay Thai. But when I start to cruise around, what I can see in the to menu is that there were only top sections; Contender Asia and Camps. Once after carefully browsing, I found very interesting and fascinating experience that how the website which has not many category could attract many visitors. Now it is obvious that even though the website has only few categories but the information inside is very comprehensive which I could not find any website could provide like this. You will find complete list of many famous camps both in Thailand and overseas. It could become a Muay Thai camp directory if we want so call so. The other section is devoted to the Contender Asia, the famous reality Muay Thai shows which has millions of fans watching and this website does particularly impressive to me, even though it’s not an official website for the Contender Asia. Also, as the website is a blog, so there are some other interesting categories for you to cruise around for articles related to Muay Thai.

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