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Muay Thai Equipments: Last but not least (Part2/2)

Friday, February 22nd, 2008


I could not say that the quality of Muay Thai equipment has no direct impact to the achievement of the training or the competition result, because it does!! (at least in some ways, that will be described later in this article). The quality of equipment is the key element for learners and teachers to pay attention to. Some arguments have been mentioned is if I said so, why fighters in ancient time were so expert and acquired very high skills of Muay Thai even though there were no modern equipment at all. I would also agree with this objection because in the past, the purpose of Muay Thai is purely for martial arts as well as the art of killing when soldiers had to use the arts of Muay Thai to kill enemies. So the training in the past was completely about using weapons together with Muay Thai and also the format of training is completely different.

When the modern era of Muay Thai has arrived. It’s not for the battle anymore, but instead, it a kind of sport martial art. So what all people concern is about safety and this brings the public attention of the importance of Muay Thai equipment. Just like any other kind of sports that there must be some kind of equipments to maintain safety and Muay Thai is also one of them. Why we have to do hand wrapping, why we have to wear gloves etc. It is really obvious that using equipment concerns abut safety. But how this equipment related to the achievement of the training. This is quite simple and logical to answer that would you want to take any kind of sport training if you feel it is not safe for you? These equipments keep you be safe and be able to continue practice without severe injuries during the training and that’s why you have to focus on the quality of the equipment that you use as well.

Muay Thai Stadium : Lumphini Stadium

Friday, February 22nd, 2008


For the real Muay Thai fans, no one never heard of this name. Lumphini has very long history and it is now the most famous Muay Thai stadium in Thailand. Not only for Thai, I could see the name of stadium mentioned on the websites and Muay Thai forum all over the world. It is the arena for weekly professional Muay Thai. Establish in 1956 and at that time, it was operated by the Thai royal army officer and was used only for military purposes. What interesting about Lumphini stadium is that it is the place where only organise big match of famous fighter who are high-ranked in professional Muay Thai. However, as there are many of new stadium established recently and the charging fee for the tournament seen to be not competitive, then promoters seem interested to use the stadium that they can pay less. Nevertheless, Lumphini these day still the place where weekly professional Muay Thai are organised, schedule on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the ticket ptices range from 500-15,00 Baht ($40)

Duke Roufus, Muay Thai, Full Contact Kickboxing, MMA Kicks

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I am quite really appreciate this video as the trainer mentioned about the most important thing when perform Muay Thai kicks. The main focus of this video is to emphasize that kicks should be driven by the entire of the body, not just using the power of the leg alone. Practicing in this way is absolutely right and this is what being taught in Thailand too. However, there are some other point that I would like to add more to this video review is that the other most common mistakes for learner is about using “instep” or “ankle” to kick rather than using the whole part of the shin to kick. This is greatly different and very risky if you do it in the wrong way because you may get serious injury if you not use the whole part of the shin to kick, because you opponent may defense the kick by using his shin, which obviously harder than your instep or ankle.

Being Thai! (Part2/2)

Thursday, February 21st, 2008


Don’t you feel strange to yourself if you are Mauy Thai fighter and performing Wai Kru Ram Muay without understanding why you have to do on what you are doing!!!

Some questions have been raised about whether a person can learn Muay Thai and being good and excellent fighter without appreciating Thai culture and norms. I believe that there are a lot of people who have this kind of question in their mind or even feeling by themselves. This question seems to be very hard to answer, could be “yes” or “no” and the reason behind these answers are also very hard to explained. For myself, I still could not say Muay Thai is the best and Thai fighters are the best in the world, even though those of my brothers are performing very well in international arena like K-1, Contender Asia etc. But I still strongly believe that there are a lot of foreign fighters who can do better than Thais, but we may never have a chance to experience their fights. This does not mean that I am Thai who do not proud of people from my own country, but I started to believe since Muay Thai has become one of the world’s famous martial arts and this is the important thing that I am proud of.

Even though you are the person who may not interested to learn Thai culture and norms as an add-up benefit to your training, or even though these kind of cultural benefit, in your opinion, will not give direct impact to your Muay Thai skills, but I would like to say that it would help you in some ways, particularly for socializing with those Thais or foreigners who also love to talk about Muay Thai and it will gives you more opportunity to gain more appreciation of being Thai!

Muay Thai Gym : Rawai Muay Thai

Thursday, February 21st, 2008


The charm of Phuket, Thailand is not just represents the destination is one of the most popular travel destination in the world, but also the most popular destination for Muay Thai learners too. I once had a chance to visit Phuket recently with my closed friend who travel for just as a tourist, but he and I love the same thing, Muay Thai. At the very first circumstance, we just talk about Muay Thai in general but I just could not remember how the discussion was led us to start to look around to see Muay Thai gyms in Phuket. Once we asked around with local people, we found that most of them mentioned about this quite often so I realised at that time this gym should have something interesting . Unfortunately I did not have a chance to visit the gym myself, neither my friend. Because the time to stay in Thailand for him was too short to take any of Muay Thai training but. Rawai Muay Thai still also mentioned in many of world’s famous martial arts forums. What I like on their website is the comprehensive FAQ about the gym, which I believe that you will get all questions answered to have information before you decide to join this gym.

Muay Thai-Anuwat Kaewsamrit Vs Kongpipop Petchyindeet

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

The Art of Jor-Yang (เจาะยาง)

“Jor-Yang” is the Thai slang to call kick attacks to the leg of opponent. Jor means to drill into and the word Yang means a tire, which refers to the lower leg. Many of sport and Muay Thai commentators in Thailand use this slang quite often and now everyone love to use this slang to refer to this kind of attack. Anuwat Kaewsamrit is a boxer who are very famous of his powerful punches and this fight seemed not surprise to the audience that he, again, had strong capable to overcome his opponent, Kongpipop Petchyindeet by his punch attacks. During the early period of the fight, Anuwat obviously gained advantage over Kongpipop by his powerful punch, but later Kongpipop managed to overcome Anuwat’s punch strategies, which really surprise to the audiences, including myself. But Anuwat finally beat him by “Jor Yang” strategy which of course not the technique that he commonly use to win KO but this time Anuwat’s just made a perfect adjustment of his fighting strategy.

Muay Thai Equipments: Last but not least (Part 1/2)

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


While many of students focus on the lessons and there are millions of questions about how to improve skills and performance, the question about look fog good Muay Thai equipment seem rare in number and it seems to be the last thing that Muay Thai people ask for. I took part in many of Muay Thai forums and communities and also found that my assumption was true, but even though it this the last thing that people mention but I can confirm that equipment is one of the most important and you can not take good exercise to obtain skills without having good equipment.

In fact, the question about Muay Thai equipment is not only for learners but also many of coaches , trainers, owners of gyms and camps in the country where original Muay Thai equipments are hardly found and available in local area. For many of learners are advised about looking for personal basic Muay Thai equipment such as gloves, pad and other outfits like shorts (knees or elbows supports in some cases) that they can look around the shop in local area but sometimes it just does not work because it is difficult to find the shop that specially offer Muay Thai equipment.

This problem become even more serious for the country or region that Muay Thai is not very well recognized so the only way to get is to ask around or go to auction site and get some online stuff. There are also questions ask about the quality and the different between equipments from original local brand from Thailand and from international brand manufacturers. Many issues have been raised on quality, price, best value of money and of course that the benefits to your training.

Muay Thai Site:

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


This website may unlike any other Muay Thai website because I can see not many sections that they have for Muay Thai. But when I start to cruise around, what I can see in the to menu is that there were only top sections; Contender Asia and Camps. Once after carefully browsing, I found very interesting and fascinating experience that how the website which has not many category could attract many visitors. Now it is obvious that even though the website has only few categories but the information inside is very comprehensive which I could not find any website could provide like this. You will find complete list of many famous camps both in Thailand and overseas. It could become a Muay Thai camp directory if we want so call so. The other section is devoted to the Contender Asia, the famous reality Muay Thai shows which has millions of fans watching and this website does particularly impressive to me, even though it’s not an official website for the Contender Asia. Also, as the website is a blog, so there are some other interesting categories for you to cruise around for articles related to Muay Thai.

2007 King’s Birthday World Muay Thai Championships

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Losing Control

I would like to emphasize on the importance of controlling defensive approach. This tournament was organised in order to celebrate the King of Thailand’s birth day and these two fighters performed very exciting fight. I actually do not know these two fighters and in fact, I can see the stance of the guy in red corner who lost his control of defense since at the beginning of the fight, may be he would be so careless of his opponent and this is completely dangerous for the fighter. I have to admit that the skill of these fighters is really good, even though I do not know much about him. Hut the point I just want to raise here is the importance of the defensive approach, which usually not well perform by many of fighters.

Being Thai! (Part1/2)

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


For me, I personally believe that no matter which type of martial art we are learning, what will be automatically learnt together with the martial art is the culture and norms of the country or people that the martial arts belongs to; you should know Koreans tradition that involve to Tekwando, you should know what Japanese norms related to Judo or Jujitsu etc, and Muay Thai is not an exception! This is because there are a lot of thai norms and tradition including terminology for fighters and they have to learn, at least realise about the meaning of them. No! I am not talking about asking you to learn everything about Thai people and Thailand to be good fighters. This believe existed few hundred year ago and I don’t want to take you back to the ancient time of Muay Thai where student have to be really respect to the teacher and do some kind of religious activities in order to gain effective lesson.

It does not work that way for Muay Thai in modern era as it’s all about business!. However, the believe of respect and sonority in order to get familiar with Muay Thai lessons. This may not a compulsory for every Muay Thai learners but only people who trained in Thailand or in foreign countries by Thai “Kru” will absolutely realise the meaning of statement above. I believe that all of Thai “Kru” will have some kind of advise for student to appreciate Thai norms and tradition as well as teach students that belongs to them, no matter in which country these Krus are living in. Also, there are a lot of trainers who are not Thai but really appreciate of norms and culture and try to teach students in that way too!

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