The world of referee (Part 1/2)


We had many of posts and discussions about Muay Thai fighters, promoters, organisers, coaches, etc. But I forget to mention to those who are also very important in Muay Thai competition, the referee. Who can be a referee? Why they want to be a referee? Is there any specific requirements to become a Muay thai referee? Do need to have previous of being Muay Thai fighters in order to be a good referee? Is referee get good pay for their job? There are so many questions ask about Muay Thai referee and in fact, they all are very interesting to find out. I personally may not have a chance to make a close interview and shooting such a massive questions, but when I had the opportunity to talk with my high school teacher, who also doing a part time job as a Muay Thai referee for weekly fight in the Lumphini stadium, he told me some good things and experience about being Muay Thai referee, the know ledge I got from him may not answer all of the questions above, but I believe that they may be useful for some of you.

There are two types of Muay Thai referee, the one who on the stage and ones who scoring fighters and usually sit near the ring side. My teacher was the referee on the stage so I think it is good to share some knowledge that I got from him in this post.

A person who wants to become a referee is not necessary to do the job as a full time job, anyone can do the job if you have time. My teacher told me that the most important ability that referee must have is the ability to oversee all aspect of the fight and also how to give the right first aid procedure for different injury situation.

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