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The Contender Asia Episode 3: The Game of Gentlemen?


I have just had a look at the video of episode 3 of the contender Asia. At the beginning, what I can see all of the participants were very focused on training to win the competition, in the mean time, I can see some conflicts of both teams which eventually led to the “informal” fight between fighters of both teams. At this point, I am not really sure, to be honest, this was set up by the movie plotting team who want to make the story become more exciting and interesting in order to expect more audience or it’s just the real thing that originally cam from the misunderstood of both fighters.

If it happened by later case, I would say that they may be only the fighters not Muay Thai fighters. So many times I spoke to people or mentioned on my own website is that Muay Thai not only teach the art of fight, but also the art of being gentlemen. No matter how bad of the conflict it is, “krus” will never teach fighters to end the problem with fight, and the situation will become worst if we do so. However, this may not something important to you as you as there will always be the conflict when there is competition, I will also totally agree with this unless they are just the guy who can fight not the persons who had Muay Thai training and call themselves as Muay Thai fighters. There will be more interesting parts of the episode 3 that I would like to add. Please feel free to discuss on what you think about this issue.


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