Kids Fight Muay Thai vs TKD (Alec The Grizzly)

We got this vid from his promoter. This kid has a very good talent and should be well known in the future.

This Vid Is From June,2007 Alec Was Getting Ready For A U.S. National Tournament And I Took Him To Spar At A Korean Tkd Fight Camp And The Vid Is What Happened(Sparing Was Under Tkd Rules,So Very Limited As To Mt Fighter,No Knees,Elbows Or Clinch Fighting,Lol)

I have go a lot of Muay Thai fight reviews but never have fight review for Kids Muay Thai. It is actually not what we call the fight but rather training or sparring. But I am still more exciting to see how great Alec was performing Muay Thai skills. I will not focus too much on good or bad the skills they have but rather I would encourage other children or you kids to watch this video and see how the fighters in this video were very concentrated and willing to learn and develop skills of martial arts sport. I believe that Alec and Grzzly can do much better and grow up and become professional fighter easily (if they want to) because they already have very good fundamental skills. But so far as long as they practice Muay Thai and TKD for martial art sports, I would say that they did more than better for sports martial arts.

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