S1 Muay Thai World Championship FINAL – THAILAND vs BELARUS

Hello everyone, I am back from Greece. The event was good fun. I had a good chance to take the VDO very close to the ring. Thank you very much to Khun Pariyakorn Ratanasuban and her family for a great opportunity.

The belows are the video clips of the final fight: THAILAND vs BELARUS. A complete event report will be posted soon.

S1 Muay Thai World Championship 2008 FINAL

March 7th, 2008
Loutraki, Greece

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Even though this fight, Nopparat was the winner, but it might not an easy job for him during round 1 and 2 I could not see any different between both fighters. This is just because the fighter from Belarus (blue corner) had very best of his skill on footwork and punching so he could use his speed to fight with Nopparat. I can also occasionally see the blue corner’s clinching skill and he did very well. Nopparat, how ever seemed to be very relax of this fight and I think that the fight was very friendly too. The impressive moment for myself to this match when they both fighters clinching and fall off the ring, and when they climb up and came back to the ring and hug each other. May be this tournament gained the most benefit of making people enjoyable and ware of the art of Muay Thai

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  1. Fighter from Belarus is Genadij Tkachenko. He is very very good fighter. I was waiting for the results of this championship and as I see, there is video of this fight – thank you. I trained with Genadij and I can say, that he is very strong and skilled fighter. Respect him!
    If anybody has this full fight, send me, to my email. Thank you!

  2. Yep, Genadij is very skillful fighter.

    Noparatt (Thailand) is the Rumpinee champion. I thought it would be an easy fight for Noparatt but Genadij did a very good one. The fight was so closed.

    I also have the video of Genadij with the Cambodian fighter on semi-final, I will upload them soonest.

  3. Oak, great news! We will wait for thi fight with Cambodian fighter! Thank you man!
    Oak, can you upload this fights to http://www.zshare.net and send me the link with these fights. I will be thankful!

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