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They can burn our country down but not our heart

 Bangkok BurnLast night, the nightmare was real in Thailand. The mob, after months of protesting, decided to burn the city down. Over 30 places was burnt. They targeted banks, department stores including Central World. The fire is still burning as I write.The protesting also lead to at least 70 dead.All my life, this is the worst event in Thailand.As a part of Thai society, we are regret and upset for what happened. But we will not give up to these violence. We will fight them.They can destroy. We will build.To our love country, Thailand

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2 Responses to “They can burn our country down but not our heart”

  1. Ricardo Moreira Says:

    Dear Friend, here in Brazil, we are praying for situation get better.

  2. Fred Says:

    I hope this is sorted out peacefully soon.

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