Muay Thai in Thailand VS Muay Thai in international arena

It seems that there is a big different between Muay Thai in Thailand and Muay Thai in international arena in terms of people’s perception and the art itself. Mean while Muay Thai is being recognized by many of foreigners around the globe, it seems that Muay Thai in Thailand, especially for Thai people is becoming unaware among them. The following article is the fact about in terms of in-country perspective and how Muay Thai could survive in Thailand, meanwhile we can see its glory in international arena.

Firstly, Most of people can see the bright future of Muay Thai in Thailand, because they think that Thailand is the original of Muay Thai, most of Thais are born to be Muay Thai boxers and there are almost 300 training camps so Thai Muay Thai boxers are unbeatable and be able to fight with any kind of martial arts in the world.

Meanwhile, foreigners begin to interested in Muay Thai as a kind of sport martial art. There were many foreigners came to learn Muay Thai in Thailand as well as them have learnt Muay Thai in Thailand and go back to home country and set up a Muay Thai camp. Meanwhile many of foreigners are appreciating Muay Thai of its uniqueness of martial arts. Muay Thai in Thailand is becoming more business and tool for gambling activities. Many of Muay Thai fans who come to watch a fight at stadiums have main purpose to bet and earn money from Muay Thai gambling. Unfortunately, this situation is widely recognized around the globe and many of foreigners have the perception that Muay Thai in Thailand is only one kind of gambling game.

However, Thai people also know about this weakness and they always want to improve the perception towards Muay Thai. Especially the authority try to promote Thai culture, which behind Muay Thai martial arts such as Wai Kru and respects between students and teacher and between boxer to boxer. This is because foreigners never know and realise about this Muay Thai norms.

During the hard time many of Thai authorities try to communicate Muay Thai to the world. It seems that Thai people are being ruled by other kind of modern sports such as football or other kind of Asian martial arts such as Judo or Tekwando but ignore to learn Muay Thai. And all kind of media and press also promote this kind of sports to make teenagers have less and less awareness of Muay Thai.

Many of Muay Thai competitions are held overseas by world boxing authorities. This represents the strong interest of Muay Thai by international organization. Mean while Muay Thai authorities in Thailand try to put strong effort to promote Muay Thai to be included in international sports games, but it would be very difficult as Muay Thai still consider as national martial arts.

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