Muay Thai accessories: more than you know in official Muay Thai rules

You may have seen the official Muay Thai rules, which stated about Muay Thai equipments and accessories. There are some accessories that being used in Muay Thai competition in Thailand, apart from what already mentioned in official rules, which sometime they are used because it is a tradition not a rule. The following detail will introduce what being used and what purpose they are used for, so you have better idea about Muay Thai competition in Thailand.

Flower garland: Before enter the ring, both of boxers will have a flower garland hang on their neck. After the fight, it is the tradition that loser will give his garland to the winner to respect the winner’s ability.

Shawl: Some boxer wear a shawl before enter the ring to represent which Muay Thai camp he is belonged to.

Seconds: Seconds are known as boxer’s assistant. Second will provide help to boxer during round break by giving massage, water and brief teaching that useful for the next round. Only two second are allowed for one boxer and seconds usually wear vest with the letter to represent the camp’s name.

Supplementary drinks: Before the fight, some boxer may have to lose a lot of his weight to meet the weight division, which he has to spend a lot of energy and water. Supplementary drinks are require for boxers before the fight to recover boxer’s fitness.

Nam Man Muay and Vaseline: Nam Man Muay refers to liquid balm, which can recover muscle. It is widely used by boxers and other kind of sport athletes. Vaseline is used to apply on boxers body, because it is believe to make skin become more slippery to reduce pain when boxer is attacked. However, there is an official rule state about the excessive use of Vaseline.

Towel: This will be used by referee in case he find that one of boxer use excessive of water and Vaseline apply to their skin.

Referees: A fight will have 1 referee who will be on the ring and 3 referee on the ring side to give score to boxers.

Chair and water tray: They will be use during the round break to spare waste water used by boxer and second. The official rule mentioned that only one chair and one tray is allow for one boxer.

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