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The 3 Countries That Have Their Own Muay Thai Styles

Muay Thai has become widely known as favourite martial arts around the world. For this reason, Muay Thai has diversities in wisdom of national martial arts showing identities that blends with tradition Muay Thai. These result 3 different styles of Muay Thai that have unique identities around the globe.

Thai Style
1) High Guard – because the scoring system in Thailand doesn’t give many point to punches, so they focus on using elbow and easier to clinch.
2) Weight on the back leg – to launch front kick and easier to block a kick with knee.
3) Straight back and Using firm stance – to move toward the opponent to launch knee and elbow attack.
4) Linear Motion – movement is often slow and the steps are small. Its common to see Thai fighters stand in front of each other and trade shots.
5) Slow Fight Rhythm or Late Starter – Punch combos are usually short 1-2, or 1-2-3 then moving straight into the clinch after the hand combo ends.

Famous fighters are
Samart Payakaroon watch here >>
Buakaw Banchamek watch here >>
Saenchai watch here >>

Samart Payakaroon


Buakaw Banchamek




Dutch Style
1) Low Guard – both hands on the chin level to launch quick punch combo
2) Balance Stance – foot placement is fairly wide and easily moving from left and right, forward and back.
3) The head and back slightly leaning forward – the hips pointed back at a 50-80 degree angle. Easy to launch side kick or spinning back kick.
4) Smooth footwork and fight rhythm – often use circular movement same as boxing.
5) Use quick punching combinations with heavy low kicks – The Dutch style tends to be more influenced by boxing and karate than traditional Muay Thai.

Famous fighters are
Ramon Dekkers watch here >>
Rob Kaman watch here >>
Peter Aerts watch here >>

Ramon Dekkers


Rob Kaman


Peter Aerts


Brazillian Style

1) Slightly higher guard – focus on kicks than the Dutch style.
2) Use of the pushing hand – by extending arm to create space or measure distance.
3) Aggressive attacking style – with special kick techniques from Taekwondo and Karate. Often dominating the opponent with high volume of hook, knee and low kicks combinations.
4) The stance is more open – with a wider gap between the legs to allow grappling.
5) Rhythmic Footwork – more influenced by Taekwondo but not as smooth as the Dutch style.

Famous fighters are
Anderson Silva watch here >>
Wanderlei Silva watch here >>
Maurício Rua watch here >>

Maurício Rua


Wanderlei Silva


Anderson Silva


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