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Lakhai Sor Panachaerpetch “The Smallest Muay Thai Fighter in the history”

“Lakhai Sor Panachaerpetch” a Chiang Rai-born fighter was considered to be one of the phenomenon fighters in professional Muay Thai with only the height of 143 cm. His camp owner named him “Lak-Hai” which means “an invincible milestone” because he was so short just like a milestone that so small it can hide under blades of grass. He also likes to dressed up as an alien before the fight so he was called “Alien” as his ring name.

People called him “Alien” because of the way he dressed.


He started Muay Thai at the age of 11 and lost most of his fight during his young career. Later, he went to train with Yodthong Senanan who said “Honestly, when I first saw him training with the bag, I laughed so hard because he was so small and I think it will be difficult for him to make his name in Muay Thai. Then, he started being a sparring partner with Kompayak Fairtex where people recognized him.


Look how small he was.


Most of his opponents are bigger and taller than him.

He was the smallest Muay Thai fighter in the history or arguably in the world. He maybe had a disadvantage of his size but he was extremely tough and strong. With his height, he has always taken many kicks to get closer to his opponent. His main weapon was his powerful punch which surprisingly wins him many fights.

He won the fight with his stamina, strength and power.

Now Lakhai has retired from a professional fight but he still does some fight show across Asia.

Watch his fight here >>


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