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MUAY THAI in red VS BURMA in blue ROUND 3 KO

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I love to review this kind of fight because it will be organised only in special occasion such as important holiday in Thailand or usually for the friendly match between Thailand and Burma. I love it because it has free style of fighting and it represents more aspect of pure martial art than sport martial art. This usually called Muay Kad Chuek which now I believe that it could be seen in Thailand for formal rule of Muay Thai. This match ended at 3rd round when the fighter from Burma was attacked heavily at the chin during he gain a lot of advantage to the Thai fighter, but unfortunately he lose the effective of defense then lost KO.

Thailand, Muay Thai Beer Bar Kick Boxing

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Don’t be serious when you are watching this video. There was nothing interesting in particular about this fight because it’s just a kind of performance in a beer bar in Thailand. But the reason I pick up this video because I am living in Thailand but never have even a single chance to see this performance, especially in the bar where there are foreign tourists so this is really good to see. It is very obvious that both of them is not a fighter but performers, may be the tourists who never have experience about Muay Thai may be enjoy but not for someone who have experience the real fight.

Duke Roufus, Muay Thai, Full Contact Kickboxing, MMA Workout

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

The more I see this training series, the more I like the trainer of this video. I can say that pad works is not really easy, but it’s very important to develop skills of the fighter. The importance are equal to both trainer and fighter on pad work, it could not success by only one person alone. If the trainer gave perfect advice but meanwhile the fighter even have no idea about how to do pad work in the right way, the training will be useless and vise versa. So this video is very good as the advice of the trainer is absolutely correct in my point of view and I also encourage you to follow the instructions.

Muay Thai - Hill vs. Yee - NYC 2/2004

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

This is a video that very difficult for me to review. It’s because it is rare case for me to see many of non-pattern Muay Thai fight, but I have to admit that this match is really interesting to me and worth to give a review. Obviously that fighters tried to fight without having style and patters; they tries to throw many thing as they can to attack each other. But I am not saying that this match is not good or they did wrong with Muay Thai because the sport Muay Thai generally does not have the rule that fighter must perform the correct pattern and there are no scoring rules on this as well. So this match is really interesting to me because it’s rare to see.

SLAMM :Thailand VS Netherlands 4: Samranchai VS Menno Dijkstra

Monday, March 17th, 2008






The high-light of this fight is the round 4-5 when both of fighter seems to be very tired and they trying very hard to take the opponent down as at the same time trying to rescue themselves to survive through the match. When Samranchai looks as if he has maintain his standard of fighting but Menno was also very good. It is really good to see foreigner could fight within full Muay Thai rules and he could perform everything that Muay Thai could apply. Menno, kicks and clinch as well as reversed elbow almost take Samranchai down. If I was the referee at that time, it might be really hard to make decision as they both were equal in skills.

Myanmar Lethwei

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

I found this video accidentally when I was searching for Muay Thai video for review. I believe that many people who have seen this video may be misunderstood like I am, that is, this is Muay Thai. Not much detail I know about this Burmese martial art, but I would say that this is very much similar to Muay Thai but looks have less formal pattern like Muay Thai. However, I have seen some matches between Muay Thai and Lethwei, which occasionally held in Thai-Burmese border during important Holiday like Songkran. But like I said, they are very much similar, but for this video, you will see pure Lethwei.

Park Yong Soo vs Kaoklai Kaennorsing TKD vs Muay Thai K1

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Park Yong Soo vs Kaoklai Kaennorsing TKD vs Muay Thai K1

Part 1

Part 2

It is quite an interesting fight in my opinion because it looks like both of the fighters were very careful and did not take many attacks to each other. It could also very hard for Yodsanklai who had to fight with the guy who is much bigger than him. However, in terms of being as a martial art, Muay Thai will be almost nothing if the fighter fail to apply techniques to use in specific circumstance. But this time, it was obvious that Yodsanklai tried to attack by using lower kick as it should be the most vulnerable spot. But I am not really sure this is the original approach of TKD that Soo was doing because it seems the mix between TKD and kick boxing.

Kids Fight Muay Thai vs TKD (Alec The Grizzly)

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

We got this vid from his promoter. This kid has a very good talent and should be well known in the future.

This Vid Is From June,2007 Alec Was Getting Ready For A U.S. National Tournament And I Took Him To Spar At A Korean Tkd Fight Camp And The Vid Is What Happened(Sparing Was Under Tkd Rules,So Very Limited As To Mt Fighter,No Knees,Elbows Or Clinch Fighting,Lol)

I have go a lot of Muay Thai fight reviews but never have fight review for Kids Muay Thai. It is actually not what we call the fight but rather training or sparring. But I am still more exciting to see how great Alec was performing Muay Thai skills. I will not focus too much on good or bad the skills they have but rather I would encourage other children or you kids to watch this video and see how the fighters in this video were very concentrated and willing to learn and develop skills of martial arts sport. I believe that Alec and Grzzly can do much better and grow up and become professional fighter easily (if they want to) because they already have very good fundamental skills. But so far as long as they practice Muay Thai and TKD for martial art sports, I would say that they did more than better for sports martial arts.

Muay Thai Sparrings in Kombat #3

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

This is one of the interesting sparring session I have ever seen. Both of fighter looks very good in terms of speed and techniques. The guy in blue corner used the strange format low leg kicks which it is very rare to see in Muay Thai but I have to say that they were really effective. I am not a Muay Thai coach so I can not confirm that it is the correct approach of Muay Thai. This video makes me feel that it was not the sparring session because both of the fighters seemed very focus and concentrate. The red corner was a bit advantage over the blue in terms of physical, but the over all of the fight makes me feel there is not much different between them both. It is one of a good example to learn.

Muay Thai Training

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Muay Thai Training (very good approach)

This video may looks very common, but I really love to see this man was doing pad works. This due to very interesting approach when he start to do sidekicks, front kicks, elbow as well as punching. What I can see is that this man seems does not have much experience for Muay thai but he preformed really well and correct approach. Particularly for the side kicks when he always twist his hip to drive the power to the kick, not just using the leg to draw the power alone. This is a very good practice for beginner, even though in my opinion, he may have to improve a little bit for the front kicks in terms of learning to increase the power. Not many beginners would have correct approach like this, so it’s good to learn from this video.

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