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Monday, March 24th, 2008

Let’s see what is happening around the globe for Muay Thai event. These events will be organised mostly in European countries. Thank you for pictures and information


IFMA European Cup 2008
Date: From Thursday 27 March 2008 til Sunday 30 March 2008
Münchriedstr. 6
78224 Singen


Gala de Carces
Date: On Saturday 29 March 2008
Salle Oustaou Per Touti
83570 Carces


La Notte Dei Gladiatori

Date: On Saturday 29 March 2008
Centro Esposizioni di Lugano
Viale Campo Marzio
6900 Lugano


Date: On Sunday 30 March 2008
Zonneplein 30
1033 EK Amsterdam


WASKO World Kickboxing Championship
Date: From Monday 28 April 2008 til Wednesday 30 April 2008
Cairo Stadium
Nasr City


Le Choc des Mondes III

Date: On Saturday 12 April 2008
Rocade Nord
59230 St-Amand-les-Eaux


Battle of the South: part 6
Date: On Saturday 12 April 2008
Sporthal de Biessen
Gravin van Schönbornlaan 4
6433 AZ Hoensbroek


Stage avec Cyril ABIDI (K-1) en Suisse
Date: From Saturday 12 April 2008 til Sunday 13 April 2008
Salle de la Planta 2
Av. Petit-Chasseur 1
1950 Sion

SLAMM : Thailand VS Netherlands 4 : March 2008 Report ( part 2/2)

Monday, March 17th, 2008


Saenchai Sor Kingstar, The great fighter from Sarakham VS Rachid Belani

This time, it is obvious that Sanchai is smaller than Rachid, but when they both were on the fight the situation became Saenchai was the person who gain advantage over Rachid. As he was too slow to attack as well as ineffective in defense and let Saenchai attacked him by using many types of Muay Thai weapons, which bring Saenchai win the fight and make Thai team led to 3-0 points.

Malaipetch won but courious.
Malaipetch who supposed to fight with Marco Pique but Marco did not make the fight so his replacement was Dennis Sedmiller. This fight was very interesting when Malaipetch seemed losing advantage losing advantage through the fight. Dennis was very good fighter and perform very well attacks and made Malaipetch losing control many times. But when the result was Malaipetch was the winner, there are a lot of criticisms about this by the Dutch fans.

Anuwat Kaewsamrit VS Hassan ait Bassoun

The result if this match is draw but Anuwat should deserve to be the winner when he could take his opponent down for counting. This may be due to Hassan was very well during round 4 when he gave flying knee kicks to make Anuwat bleeding until the doctor would want to stop the fight but Anuwat could survive until the end of the match with a draw.

Yodsaenklai lost!!
Yodseanklai Fairtex vs Andy Souwer. They fought by using K-1 rules and only 3 rounds. Both of fighters has very equal skills until got the draw result at the end of the third round and they had to make extended time until Yodsaenklai lost to Souwer.

SLAMM : Thailand VS Netherlands 4 : March 2008 Report ( part 1/2)

Sunday, March 16th, 2008


Translation report from Muay Siam Magazine

Great Muay Thai fighters perform very well in Netherlands in SLAMM tournament, March 2008.

Tops Muay Thai fighter team, again received 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 lost to the fighters from Netherlands. The event was held on Super Sport Almear, Netherlands. The great “Saenchai Sor Kingstar” one who is known as “unbeatable” perform excellent fight, meanwhile “Yodsaenklai Fairtex” lost to the opponent with courious, as same as Anuwat Kaewsamrit who took the opponent down for counting but got draw for the result. There were about 5,000 audience for this event which organised by SLAMM Event Production. There were six fights for the tournament when five matches used full Muay Thai rules except the fight of Yodsaenklai which only had 3 round and elbow was not allowed, and these are the fight results.

Narupol, teach the art of knee kick to opponent.
Thai hero from the Contender Asia, used his powerful kicks to make his opponent, Fandi Mersa, nearly fall down during the third round but Fandi could survive through the end of the third round. But at the beginning of round 4 Fandi refused to continue the fight then Naruepol won by KO and made Thai led at 1-0 point.

Samranchai 96 Peenang VS Menno Dijkstra
The second match between Samranchai 96 Peenang and Menno Dijkstra. This was another fight that Thai fighter performed very well, even though Menno tried his best to fight among his fans cheer him up but Samranchai was too good. But Menno however, still was able to stand until at the end of fifth round and lose point to Samranchai.

S-1 World Championship Got the Winner

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


Songchai Rattansuban, the great Thai promoter, again had made the significant Muay Thai promotion overseas by organised S-1 World Championship in Greece on March 2007. The event went very well and successful and now, again for Thai people to hear that, Thai fighter won the title. Nopparat Kiatkamthorn or “ Khun Kao Pak Ok” one of the great fighter won S1- title by making 3 consecutive wins to the fighters from France, Bulgaria and eventually beat the Belarus fighter and won the title.

Siraphop Rattanasuban, the leader of Thai fighters fleet said that in this tournament was divided into 2 groups, A and B. Group A consists of Greece, Romania, Belarus, Cambodia and group B consists of Thailand, France, Bulgaria and Sweden.

The result of the first round in group A was that Belarus was the winner of this group ad the winner for group B was Nopparat from Thailand. Nopparat’s first fight of the first round was he could beat the opponent from France, won the second fight over the fighter from Bulgaria and went through the final round. In the final round, Nopparat had to fight with the fighter from Belarus. When the final match began, it was obvious that Nopparat was over the fighter from Belarus, he could easily won by score at the end of the match and received the title as well as earning 13,000 USD.

After the tournament, Mr Siraphop revealed that the tournament went very well and over expectation of the promoter. This may be because there has been no big Muay Thai competition carried in This country before so it has become to majority of people’s attention.
He also plans to held this event again in the next four months and also has a long-term plan to held this event throughout the year.

“A-1″ Primer Super 8 de Muay Thai Argentina

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


I have been informed by the promoter of this event. If you are in Argentina, this should be interesting. The message below is from him (in Portuguese)

Hola! , queria avisar que falta solo 1 mes para el Torneo de Muay Thai Profesional del año. En el mismo estaran peleando el mismo dia los 8 mejores competidores del Pais donde se irán eliminando hasta quedar un solo ganador. Te esperamos, no te lo podes perder !!. Saludos



mas info:

“A-1″ Primer Super 8 de Muay Thai Argentina

S1 Muay Thai World Championship FINAL - THAILAND vs BELARUS

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Hello everyone, I am back from Greece. The event was good fun. I had a good chance to take the VDO very close to the ring. Thank you very much to Khun Pariyakorn Ratanasuban and her family for a great opportunity.

The belows are the video clips of the final fight: THAILAND vs BELARUS. A complete event report will be posted soon.

S1 Muay Thai World Championship 2008 FINAL

March 7th, 2008
Loutraki, Greece

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Even though this fight, Nopparat was the winner, but it might not an easy job for him during round 1 and 2 I could not see any different between both fighters. This is just because the fighter from Belarus (blue corner) had very best of his skill on footwork and punching so he could use his speed to fight with Nopparat. I can also occasionally see the blue corner’s clinching skill and he did very well. Nopparat, how ever seemed to be very relax of this fight and I think that the fight was very friendly too. The impressive moment for myself to this match when they both fighters clinching and fall off the ring, and when they climb up and came back to the ring and hug each other. May be this tournament gained the most benefit of making people enjoyable and ware of the art of Muay Thai

S1 World Championship 2008 in Greece

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Good news for fighters in Greece, there will be a big event:

Casino Loutraki S1 World championship 2008
Venue: Club Hotel Casino Loutraki
Date: 6th-7th March 2008

8 Professional Muay Thai fighters from 8 countries will fight.

P.S. There will be giveaway TUFF t-shirts (special design for the event) for visitors.

** Limited availability **

See you there !

S1 World Championship 2008 in Greece
KOMBAT and TUFF proudly sponsorred the fighters.

Greece fighters
Click to enlarge

Tuff Boxing’s T-shirts got reviewd at

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

tuff boxing

Looking for a flashy T-shirt to show off your love for Muay Thai Kickboxing? has a huge selection of cool T-shirts is an assortment of designs and colors. The look and feel of the T-shirts is of good quality, and if your into Muay Thai, you Have to check out their extensive varity at


TUFF Boxing was reviewed on MMA Gear Friday at

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

TUFF T-shirts were reviewed by

Don’t hate because we’ve got the coolest Muay Thai graphic designs on our chest!

For our 1st weekly (hopefully weekly) MMA Fight Girls “MMA Gear Friday”, TUFF Boxing / Muay Thai Stuff was awesome enough to send us a Muay Thai T-Shirt and Tank Top all the way from Bangkok Thailand! I want to give a big thanks to TUFF and Muay Thai Stuff for their love and support. On to my story…

Excited as all hell I picked up the TUFF package the other day at the post office. Upon opening the package, my first thought was… “top notch”. TUFF packages each of their T-shirts in a unique black and clear muay thai illustration package (pictured below, but the picture doesn’t do it any justice), along with a TUFF Boxing catalog.


tuff boxing t-shirt and package

TUFF Boxing was reviewed on

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

TUFF Boxing has been review on

tuff boxing

As MMA becomes recognised as a legitimate sport, we’re starting to see professionals from many industries bringing their skills into the collective fight market.

We are especially seeing that in apparel and fight wear. Just go to any Thai Boxing or MMA fight and see how many different fight related clothing labels you can see in the audience.


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