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TUFF Boxing proundly sponsor Zig Zach - The Contender Asia’s fighter

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I am pleased to announce that TUFF Boxing is now a sponsor of Zig Zach - The Contender Asia’s fighter.

I met Zach at the World Championships last year. I met him almost a whole week at my booth. We had good talks. Zach is a nice and friendly man. Besides, he loves TUFF’s t-shirts.

Zig Zach TUFF

He hasn’t fight on the show yet but I hope he is winning.

Read more about this at his blog.

zig zach

The Contender Asia: Episode 3

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

“Strong Mind, Fighting Spirit”

Episode 3 is very exciting. Rafik seems to be a bad guy since day one. This week the house refuse him.

The fight between Rafik and Dzhabar shown one point: Dzhabar did not attack Rafik when he was on a floor, while Rafik attacked Dzhabar when he was not ready.

When it came to the eliminate fight, JWP vs Rafik, I think it is a good matched. Although, Dzhabar fighting Rafik will be more exciting but that may not be a professional fight. It could lead to angry Fight Club style. Dzhabar shown his respect to this sport and his team mates decision.

In the ring, JWP seemed slow but he has good techniques. I think there was emotional involved in his move. He may want to win too much. Anyway, his experiences help him to protect himself from Rafik weapons.

Rafik, although with his big mouth, shows everyone he has a big heart too (at least in the ring). JWP’s nose got cut by Rafik elbow. The two did their best. JWP won by points.

It was a good fight.

Contender Asia Muay Thai - JWP vs RAFIK

Monday, February 4th, 2008

This is the good fight between Rafik from France and JWP from Australian in Conternder Asia Episode 3. JWP won by point.

16 Fighters of the Contender Asia

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Contender Asia

This is a quick link to official pages of the 16 fighters of the Contender Asia 2008. 16 fighters from 12 countries. The more detail about each fighters will be available soon. Here we go:

Alain Sylvestre from Canada

Bruce Macfie from Australia

David Pacquette from England

Dzhabar Askerov from United Arab Emirates

James Martinez from USA

John Wayne Parr from Australia

Naruepol Fairtex from Thailand

Jose Pitu Sans from Spain

Rafik Bakkouri from France

Sean Wright from Scotland

Soren Mongkontong from Australia

Trevor Smandych from Canada

Yodsaenklai from Thailand

“Yukay” Joakim Karlsson from Sweden

Zig Zach from Singapore

Zidov Dominik from Switzerland

Who is the strongest ?
Man, it is hard to say. But I will go for Yodsaenklai, John Wayne Parr and Naruepol

What do you think?

The Contender Asia Fans

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Here is the unofficial website for the Contender Asia fans:

Contender Asia Fans:

Contender Asia Fans on Youtube:

They provide information, report, blogs, forums about the show.

If I find more sites, I will keep you posted. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

The Contender Asia: Episode 2

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

“Hey Frenchie ! Big mouth, Small heart”

The Wild Boars won the competition again. They picked James (USA) to fight against Sean (Scotland). There was a heat between Rafik and Sean. (and Rafik with every else). I like the phase Yod said to Rafik: Hey Frechie ! Big mouth, small heart. It is not important whether this was a setup or not. The phase is surely true and should be remembered.

Sean won the fight. He has a better muay thai skill. James seems to be a strong fighter but his muaythai skill cannot match the other guys.

The Contender Asia: Episode 2 FULL

Thanks to and leexh for the vdo

The Contender Asia: Episode 2 Recap

The Contender Asia: Episode 1

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

“Don’t use elbows, feel sorry for him”

There was nothing much on the first episode. Mostly, it is about introduction for these fighters. The fight was Trevor (Canadian) against Naruepol (Thai). I have to say this was not a good matched. Naruepol has much more experience and skill. There was no doubt because he started fighting since he was very young.

The Contender Asia: Episode 1 FULL

Thanks to for the VDO

The Contender Asia: Episode 1 Recap

The Contender Asia

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

If you already know what it is, you can skip this post.

The Contender Asia is the reality game show that contain 16 muay thai fighters form various countries. Each episode (week), one fighter will be eliminated. The role is simple. 16 fighters were split into 2 teams: red (the Tiger King) and blue (the Wild Boars). Each episode, the two teams will compete on the given game. The winning team can pick one fighter from the losing team and one from their for the fight.

At this moment, three episodes have been shown. I think this show is quite interesting and you guys should see it. From now on, I will be after this show and will try to put useful resources as much as possible.

Big thanks to Zach, one of the Contender, who introduced me into this.

Here are some useful websites about the show
The official website:
News and updates, general information and community
This is a Muay Thai Blog. The owner, Nopstar, is real for the Contender. I saw him after this show since the beginning (since choosing fighters last year). There are also many fans share comments and useful resources about the show.
Alex, the owner of K-1fans, is also a big fan of Muay Thai. He has two dedicated topics about the show: one for the spoiler and the other one for no spoiler.

Zig Zach’s blog:
Zach is the Contender from Singapore. He will provide an deep story about the house.

Man, that’s it for today. See you !


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