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Exclusive Interview with Zach from the Contender Asia

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Hi everyone, I had a chance to interview Zach regarding his career and the Contender Asia. Here is some bit from the inside.

Zig Zach The contender asia

Oak: How are you doing, bro?
Zach: Am doing great. Been very busy since The Contender Asia.

Oak: How long have you been doing Muay Thai?
Zach: I started when I was 17 and did it for fun and needed to lose weight!! Was abit of a chubby kid…90kg over!! All thanks to moms cooking!!

Oak: What fighters did you look up to as you were growing up?
Zach: I remember reading about Diesel Noi and how he had amazing knee strikes. How he was undefeated for so long. I only ever saw one of his fights on the internet and I was impressed at how he used his height to is advantage with his knees!!

Oak: What brought you into the show?
Zach: Well I’ve been fighting regularly for WMC and Stephan Fox said to me that he would like to give me a chance to go on the show. I was reluctant at first,because I knew some of the guys in there had alot more experience than me!! I talked to alot of friends and family and they supported me and said that I would be stupid to not take the offer. Im glad they all believed in me.

Oak: How do you feel about the show?
Zach: Well filming it and watching it is 2 totally different things! We never imagined what it could be like….and we were really sooo amazed by it when we saw the first episode. And the episodes just keep getting better and better. I think the show will do wonders for the sport. Muay Thai is so much more than just fighting.

Oak: Can you tell me about the house and your team mates?
Zach: The Loft was very cool. We didn’t know what to expect at first but I think when we saw it for the first time we were all pretty impressed!!! The Tiger Kings are all a bunch of really down to earth gentlemen. We all just got along very well. And even now after the show alot of us still keep in close contact.

Oak: How is about the other team?
Zach: Well blue team were loud and yeah they were also pretty cocky sometimes. But we took it in our stride and laughed it off. Don’t think it wouldn have made very interesting TV if all of us were just all so nice and sat around reading. hahah Yukay and Sean were my favourite to hang out with in the blue team.

Oak: Can you tell me about the accident in Episode 1?
Zach: Well the whole challenge on Episode 1 was just a disaster. When they told us what it was someone said,”If one falls,both falls coz we’re tied to each other an then we’re screwed.”…And guess who fell!!??…To make it worse it had rained all day,the lanes were narrow and I think it just wasn’t my day. We werent pleased about it. but we still had to do it. Me and Soren did a test run and it was ok. I remember running and Soren was behind me and I said “Keep Up” and next thing I know,I was on the floor Soren landed hard on my right shoulder and I just heard a loud riping sound on my shoulder and I knew I dislocated it. It really just was a bad way to start things off in the comp. The Blue team and Red team were very angry at the challenge and the producers apologized to us after saying that the challenges to come will be less dangerous as they don’t wanna risk anymore injuries from challenges.

Oak: What if you were picked you in Episode 1?
Zach: Well nothing you can do…Just gotta fight and do your best!!

Oak: What do you think about Yodseanklai?
Zach: Yodsaenklai is a MACHINE…..his kicks are just amazing. I mean the way he balances and Im amazed at how hard it is for people to read when he’s going to kick coz he’s so natural at it. Apart from fighting he is also a very funny guy. He really did put an effort to learn english while he was there. Ohh and one more thing…Yodsaenklai can EAT!!!!!!!!

Oak: What do you think about JWP as the team leader?
Zach: JWP is an awesome team leader. He knew what to say and when to say things to motivate us. He was just a really nice guy in general. Im very happy that he picked me into his team. Was a real honour to have been part of the Tiger Kings wth JWP as my leader.

Oak: Who are the toughest guys in this show?
Zach: I’d say JWP,Yodsaenklai,Jabba,Bruce. Are prolly the toughest in the house!!!!

Oak: Ok, that’s all. Thank you for your time, Zach. Good luck in the future!!
Zach: Thanks bro!!!

Zig Zach wearing TUFF

If you guys have any question for him, feel free to post below.

More about Zach, visit his blog: Zig Zach blog

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