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Muay Thai Stadium : Lumphini Stadium

Friday, February 22nd, 2008


For the real Muay Thai fans, no one never heard of this name. Lumphini has very long history and it is now the most famous Muay Thai stadium in Thailand. Not only for Thai, I could see the name of stadium mentioned on the websites and Muay Thai forum all over the world. It is the arena for weekly professional Muay Thai. Establish in 1956 and at that time, it was operated by the Thai royal army officer and was used only for military purposes. What interesting about Lumphini stadium is that it is the place where only organise big match of famous fighter who are high-ranked in professional Muay Thai. However, as there are many of new stadium established recently and the charging fee for the tournament seen to be not competitive, then promoters seem interested to use the stadium that they can pay less. Nevertheless, Lumphini these day still the place where weekly professional Muay Thai are organised, schedule on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the ticket ptices range from 500-15,00 Baht ($40)

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