How to buy Muay Thai hand wraps

How to buy Muay Thai hand wraps
A good pair of hand wraps is considered to be very essential equipment used for martial artists especially in Muay Thai.

Hand wraps particularly do not protect your hands from the very strong impact of your punches, but rather it helps your hands to keep it in a proper position or form that supports the wrist and the knuckles by keeping it aligned and tight while you throw a punch or combinations.

All Martial arts learners probably know how important having a hand wraps wrapped around their hand during practice or in actual combat to make sure they will not injure themselves and prevent any lethal injuries to their opponents.

To help you out in buying the best hand wraps, here are some useful considerations that you might find interesting. You should remember these considerations that will be very useful the next time you will buy a pair of hand wraps because this will surely affect your experience in training.

Sometimes a lot of people are swayed away by the cheap prices of items that are selling online, including hand wraps, whenever you buy hand wraps, always go with the quality over the price because the cheaper the price, the lower the quality of the materials used in making it unless that the hand wraps are from reliable brands out there that offers it on sale.

Cheaper hand wraps may cause you injury and its durability will only last for several weeks or months, while good quality and best hand wraps can last for many years if you properly take care of it.

When it comes to purchasing hand wraps there are two types that you will find on the market: non-elastic cotton and elastic cotton. The elastic will provide flex when you put them on, which ensures that you have a good tight fit when you put them on.

The benefit of the non-stretch wraps is they keep their form for much longer and don’t end up being stretched out after a lot of use. This means that you won’t have to replace them as often.

Elastic hand wraps offer more stretch which means they are moveable and conform to your hands. They don’t loosen as your training or workout. Again, it’s down to personal preference which material of wrap you use. Length and width It’s important to know how much you need. A lot of this is down to trial and error but as in general, the larger your hands, the more cloth you will need to adequately wrap your hands securely.

Most of the wraps are 180 inches long but some brands may offer shorter or longer length. In addition to length, you should also consider width. 2 inches is standard for a wrap width but you can find brands offering thinner or thicker widths. It is all down to personal preference rather than results. If you fasten with velcro, wider wraps will provide you with more grip. The thickness of the hand wraps will also determine how durable it is during use.

The vast majority of hand wraps are bought with the velcro fastening attached and are easy to use and durable. Velcro fastenings are considered as the most practical option and you can find a wide range of glove wrist and hand wraps where it’s built into the design.

Another option is hook and loop fastenings. They allow you to get a longer life, meaning you save money in the long run. The great news is some of the hand wraps have both features.

Check the wrap for any tears before rolling up and putting in the washing machine on a standard wash. Invest in a garment bag to put the wraps in so they don’t get caught or tangled in the machine. You can wash multiple wraps at once in a garment bag. 

All velcro comes with a “hook” side and a “catch” side. If you do not close the velcro on itself before the wash, the hook side will latch onto and ruin whatever it comes into contact with first, whether that’s your garment bag, other pieces of clothing or even another part of the same hand wrap. Simply unwrap the hand wraps so it’s one long piece and velcro the strap down.

Dry your hand wraps outside if possible. Do not leave them exposed to the blazing sun for too long avoiding the central hours of the day during summertime.

Do not place them on direct heat sources such as a radiator. Remember, do not iron your boxing hand wraps, unless you are not 100% sure that they are totally made of cotton.

A dryer should be avoided, high temperatures are absolutely not good for the lifespan of the product.

Never use wet wraps during class – whether they are wet from the wash or wet from yesterday’s training. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and more stinkiness!

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