This girl is a famous singer and a Muay Thai fighter!! The Best of Both Worlds Meet Kratae R-Siam

This girl is a famous singer and a Muay Thai fighter!! The Best of Both Worlds Meet Kratae R-Siam
Nipaporn Paeng-Ouan better known by the stage name “Kratae R-Siam”, is a Thai Luk thung singer (Thai country music). She also has a background in Muay Thai by the name “Namwannoi Sitboonma“.

“Namwan is my mom’s name. First, I wanted to use my name, Kratae as my Muay Thai name but the name was taken already, so I used my mom’s name instead.” she told the magazine. Although her mom allowed Kratae to use her name as a fight name, but she was not so happy about her daughter learning Muay Thai. Every time Kratae went to Muay Thai camp with her dad, she had to sneak out of the house without letting her mom knows. Each time she came back with bruises, her mom always yell at her. With her dad on the same side, she can continue her Muay Thai passion later on.

Back to the age of 12, she chose not to play with dolls like normal girls, instead, she went to a Muay Thai camp next door to train Muay Thai. Her dad always brought her to watch Muay Thai, that’s why she always excited in learning Muay Thai moves and techniques at the camp. After seeing her progress, her dad and her trainer saw her potential, so they trained her to fight on the ring. She won her first fight in Lampang Province with unanimous victory.

After her first victory, the Muay Thai society considered Kratae as a rising star. She looks completely different from other female Muay Thai fighters that look more like a boy with massive body, on a contrary, she looks cute and small that wins the heart of the audience.

Kratae has been fighting in the Northern part of Thailand not because she wanted the rewards (some fights, she earned only 500 bahts), she wanted to gain fighting experience that made her become a better fighter. Sometimes, she even had to fight 2 fights in a day but she thought it wasn’t too brutal for such a little girl as she is.

“It’s been a fun experience for me because a female fight doesn’t getting hurt like a male fight. Also, the impact wasn’t too strong when I fight other girls, however, as I grown up, when I fought with better opponent, sometimes I get injured for a month.” That’s why she always serious and focus on her training. This made her becomes the Female Thailand Champion at 45 kilograms division and won 2nd place in the International Muay Thai Championship which she lost to a Japanese fighter.

She has an impressive record, with 33 wins and 3 lost, however, she won the re-match. She said she’s not a bad loser. “I want to win every fights, I just want to test my skills and myself. I just love fighting, not only physical, it sharpens my mind to use different strategy with different opponent.

Most people has a perspective about Muay Thai as a men’s sport, but for her, as a female fighter, she said. “If men can do it, girls can do it too”

Nowadays, Namwannoi Sitboonma doesn’t fight much. She always want to fight on the ring but with being a singer and with limited of time that she has, she can’t do that anymore. However, she still hopes that she still in the Muay Thai society, now she turns her house into a Muay Thai camp to teach children for free. She wants to be a trainer or a promoter in the future, which she once organised 10 female fights on her birthday.

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translated from an interview in a day magazine.

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