Handwrapping in Muay Thai

Handwrapping in Muay Thai

It is also good to know about the history, style, and development of hand wrapping of Muay Thai. In ancient times, boxers did not use some kind of gloves or hand wrap style that similar to the western style these days. In fact, boxers were not required to wrap or cover their hands. However, sometime later, once the concern of the safety of boxer’s hand, hand wrap was required in order to support and protect hands from severe injury.

Muay Kad Chuek was the first common type of Muay that introduce the hand wrap method. Its unique style of hand wrap called Kad Chuek is a kind of fist binding that not only focus on protecting hand but also to increase the strength of the attack. So the style of hand wrap has changed to increase attack potential by twisting threads into small coils and making knots hide under the knuckles.

There was some more complex method of making fist binding become more danger such as before the fight, soaking bounded fists into the water and dried into the sunlight then the knots become harder. The style of hand wrapping really depends on individual and camps, but they're still a general method of Muay Thai hand wrapping.

When the new era of Muay Thai has emerged and has absorbed a lot of western boxing, using gloves and safe hand wraps are required informal competition. The objective of increase attack strength has no longer been recognized, remain only to protect boxers from injury and safety. It is essential that you first apply the hand-wraps to both fists before wearing gloves.

Hand wrapping method has to accommodate boxer to wear boxing gloves comfortably and allow the boxer to be able to use punch effectively. Boxer has to balance the weight of boxing gloves and weight of hand wrapping material and make sure it will fit their most comfortable the total weight of gloves and wraps must not too heavy or not too light. The length, width, and thickness of wrapping materials are also important.

They need to fit boxer's hand, too short stripe may not wrap the entire hand and too long may generate unnecessary weight to boxer's hands as well as uncomfortable. It is a responsibility for each of boxer to try and test which kind of wrapping material, how long and how thickness that will fit them for the best performance.

Putting Wraps on Too Tightly -- When wrapping your hands too tightly, you’ll notice soon that it becomes uncomfortable. You lose mobility, blood circulation, and it’s an all-around nightmare to train in.

Not Wrapping Tight Enough -- When you don’t wrap them tight enough,  they will fall apart during training.

Rolling the wraps with the wrong side down – If you start your wrap the wrong side down, you’ll just end up having to re-wrap them at the end. Make sure that the logo side is facing the opposite of your skin in order to avoid this. If you started your wrap already, when you’re at the end and either velcroing or clipping on the remaining portion, flip the end in order to do so.

Not making a fist – There are certain points that you will need to make a fist in order for your wraps to fit snugly. Watch the video below to make sure that you know when to make a fist.

Failing to properly support your wrist – If you don’t give your wrist enough loops with your wraps, you might not have the adequate support when you punch. If your wrist is not tight and secured, you may sprain your wrist if you hit a hard heavy bag.

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