Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand : Name of Muay Thai Boxers

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Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand : Name of Muay Thai Boxers

Some of you may have heard about the name of Muay Thai boxers use in a fight (can be said that they are a nickname for these boxers only use when they are called). These names are generally different from boxers’ real name. Many of non-Thai Muay Thai fighters try to understand the meaning of the structure as well as the meaning of these nicknames.

Here are the examples of Muay Thai nickname. Samart-Payak Arun (สามารถ พยัฆ์อรุณ), Bua Khao-Por Pramuk (บัวขาว ป. ประมุข), Saen Chai-Sor Kham Sing (แสนชัย ส. คำสิงห์) The description of these nicknames can be described below;

The first name usually introduces the real nickname or sometimes is the real first name of the boxer, for example, Samart, Bua Khao, Saen Chai. So it can be seen that the structure of boxers’ name usually starts with the real nickname of the boxers. Now we are going to see the latter part, for example, Payak Arun, Por Pramuk, Sor Kham Sing. I can say that the second part can mean to anything. They can be the words that represent the ability of the boxer in order to make opponent fear and feel unconfident during the fight. The can be any words that represent the unique and behavior of the boxers or perhaps they can have no specific meaning at all, the words just created for the compatible of the first word. However, the general practice is the second word are created from the name of the camp that they fight on their behalf.

For example, Saen Chai-Sor Kham Sing, the word Kham Sing is the name of the camp that the boxer train and fight for. Many of fight name use this practice but it is not always for all boxers, they can use any word they like for their fighting names.

However, it is true that boxers can use any word for fighting name and they can have their name on boxing shorts during the competition. There is also a rule of competition for using a fighting name, that is the name of a boxer must not be rude, offensive or intimidate to any party. However, some of you may also herd other names that generally use to call boxer, it is not actually the fighting name but it is a pseudonym. Some of the boxers who are famous or get champion titles or highly skilled. They usually get other names, known as a pseudonym. The word that they got usually from Muay Thai fans that support them and the fans call boxers by using words to represent boxer’s uniqueness and ability. The pseudonym was usually given to boxers that have high skills and experience or famous only, we can see the pseudonym is given to boxers that have general skills in a rare case.

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