How To Fist Clenching in Muay Thai

How To Fist Clenching in Muay Thai
Now let's learn how to clench your fist. When the new era of Muay Thai has emerged and has absorbed a lot of western boxing, using gloves and safe hand wraps are required informal competition. The objective of increase attack strength has no longer been recognized, remain only to protect boxers from injury and safety.

While most of us know how to form a fist, understanding the reasons behind a proper fist will help us avoid making mistakes that lead to injuries. The principle of forming a proper fist can be summarized in one word: alignment. Basically, you want to make sure that everything is aligned both internally and externally to allow you to deliver the maximum striking force, safely.

The tightness of the fist also protects the bones of the hand from the stress forces that are generated when we punch. 

Measurements carried out by the University of Utah researchers using the arms of cadavers found that when we have a properly formed fist we can punch with twice the force than if we used the open palm. 

It is very necessary to learn how to clench your fists correctly in order to use them effectively and safely. Clench your fists improperly may cause injuries with hands and fingers. The power of the punch could increase if you clench the fist correctly.

Please follow these following steps.

1. Holding your 4 fingers first (except the thumb), then bend the knuckle and bring your fingertips towards your palm.

2. Move the thumb place firmly on the forefinger.

3. Hold fists firmly and tense your wrist when you punching.

You shouldn't be clenching your fist inside the gloves all the time.

You waste energy if you keep your hands clenched all the time. You'll need to relax your hands until the moment before impact. Your punches also quicker and more powerful if you clench them before your fists hit your target.

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