Can we learn Muay Thai from YouTube?

Can we learn Muay Thai from YouTube?

Please keep in mind that you won’t get any better by just sitting and watching YouTube, even it has the best edit and graphics and taught by the best Kru Muay Thai ever. You just can’t have the feeling of confrontation and combat mindset with the sandbag, the dummy or your pillow. The best way to learn Muay Thai or any other martial arts is training with another person, so get off your chair and start making some friends.


We understand that not everyone can pay for the Muay Thai class or even capable of learning Muay Thai in Thailand where it’s originated. It takes so much money, time and effort for some people, so watching instruction video from YouTube is the perfect solution.


In addition, YouTube is like a goldmine of knowledge, you can endlessly learn anything you can think of however most of us use it the wrong way. For example, you want to learn how to escape a clinch. First, you search the video, watch it, you might learn a thing or two lessons from that video however you still keep watching another video and discover a new different technique and so on and on… Finally,12 hours pass, you end up watching PewdiePie video which is a waste of time. You completely forget the first lesson from the first video and end up learning nothing. Watching YouTube is so addictive, it can and it will drain your time if you can’t control yourself.


Watching a video can help you focus on a specific technique that you might have missed or forgotten and you need to revise it. Moreover, it can playback, so you can keep coming for it anytime. You can also read the comment and share an idea with the other person. Take advantage of the online community by learning from other member’s knowledge. Read their feedback and try to use their information to improve yourself.


In conclusion, learning Muay Thai from YouTube can be useful if you can control it. We recommend that after you watch any Muay Thai video and learn something from it, try that lesson as soon as possible. Try it with a sandbag or a pillow or with your training partner is even better. The best way to learn anything from YouTube is to watch it and then do it. Give yourself a new experiment, earn new experience from it and do whatever you need to do to test those lesson you learn from YouTube. You won’t become a better fighter by sitting in the chair, that’s for sure.

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