Muay Boran Moves : Chawa Sad Hork (Punch Block & Counter Attack)

Muay Boran Moves : Chawa Sad Hork (Punch Block & Counter Attack)
Wording description :
Chawa = ชวา Indonesian people (This word is rare used, found only in the history books)
Sad = ซัด Throw
Hork = หอก Lance

The name of Mae Mai Muay Thai describes the action when an Indonesian throws a lance to opponent, this action derives form the believe that in the old time Indonesian is expert in using lances.

Chawa Sad Hork is also according to the theory, the defensive technique in order to let the defensive boxer avoid the attacker’s punch. But in terms of practical use, Chawa Sad Hork is the technique that effective for defensive and attack in the same time.

The figure illustrates the attacker trying to punch, then the defensive boxer to kneel a bit in order to escape form the punch and use the right hand to push away the punch and use elbow to attack. The elbow attack is compared to the action of when Indonesian throws a lance.

Watch How the move execute

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