You’ve found your favorite gloves. They feel nice and fit to your hands. They can protect your hands nicely but unfortunately, they can’t protect the stinky smell from your sweaty hands inside. Here are some tips to keep your gloves sanitized.

After training, clean your gloves with a fresh towel. 

Your gloves may get some stains after training, so use your clean towel and add some moisture to it, then wipe the stains inside-out off your gloves. Give sometimes to let them dry before putting them in your bag.

Keep them dry as soon as possible

If you put them in a bag, take them out as soon as you get home. There is no air in the bag and all the bacteria that create stinky smell is growing inside your gloves. 

Place your gloves in the air flowing area in your house. On the other hand, we suggest you carry your gloves outside, maybe tie them with your gym bag. And if possible, it is better to put them in front of the fan to dry them out. 

*Blow dry is not recommended, because most of the boxing gloves use leather and using a hair dryer with hot air will crack the leather easily. So, if your dryer has a cool air setting, that would be preferable. 

Use the antibacterial liquid to clean inside your gloves

There are some methods about the best way to clean and keep your gloves smell nice. We have tried some of them and it turns out the best way is using the antibacterial liquid.

Mix it with some water to weaken the liquid. Then spray the liquid inside your gloves and wipe them with a clean towel. After that, stuff the gloves with some pages of a newspaper to absorb the moist inside or put the moisture absorber bag inside of your gloves is the best way to keep them dry.

Always clean your hand wrap

After you have your gloves sanitized, you also need to clean your hand wraps. We recommend washing it by hand, do not use the washing machine because some hand wraps will lose its flexibility. You can use normal washing powder but drop a few antibacterial liquids into the soapy water, this will also keep your hand wraps cleaner and smell better. Then dry it in the air flowing area. It will be better if you have a few extra hand wraps for everyday training.

Use Leather Care Cream to keep your gloves shiny like new.

After all the cleaning work, you can add some extra care with your gloves by apply leather care cream on the leather part of the gloves and avoid the sticker or screen part of your gloves. It may erase the screen which is the last thing you want to do to your favorite gloves.

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