Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand

Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand
It can be said that Muay Thai arts and professional competition today in Thailand is becoming less recognize among younger generation. In terms of national martial arts, Muay Thai still being taught in several academy and gyms for people who are interested in, meanwhile many people have turn to other kind of martial arts such as Judo or Tekwando, especially the Tekwando, most of parents prefer to take their kinds to Tekwando class rather than Muay Thai.

This is probably because the perception of Thai people to Muay Thai arts has now changed. Most of Thai people think that Muay Thai will be trained and practiced to people who intend to become a professional boxer and there is a perception about of social status concerned to the people that train Muay Thai.

So this make Muay Thai in perception of many Thais has changed a lot if compare to the past time. Even though Muay Thai today, in terms of martial art has less popularity than other martial arts, professional Muay Thai competition in Thailand even become more popular and it is the best Muay Thai professional competition where many of both Thai and foreign professional boxers.

Professional Muay Thai is known as one of the professions that make a lot of money to boxers each year (a boxer who are in high rank can earn about 150,000 Baht per fight (4200 USD). Not only professional boxers who can earn money from Muay Thai, this including promoter, gym and stadiums are all third party that gain benefits from Muay Thai professional competition. And that are the reason why Muay Thai competition in Thailand are organised every weekend and in any other occasion.

Again, even though Muay Thai professional competition is popular among people who involve with it but there was a strong critics about boxers and gyms today about Muay Thai technique that boxer perform in professional competition. Some of Muay Thai experts mentioned that Muay Thai arts today, gyms and boxer ignore the arts that traditional Muay Thai should have, but focus on the technique that only for fighter to win, not perform Muay Thai art in full potential. Therefore, many of advanced techniques has gone and rarely seen. Also most of the gyms which train professional boxers seem to follow this practice so traditional Muay Thai training is separated from Muay Thai professional training, that is one gym may have two different class, one for professional Muay Thai for people who want to become a professional fighter and traditional Muay Thai class for ones who want to learn the arts of Muay Thai or as a martial arts and this kind of Muay Thai class is popular among foreigner.

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