Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand : The Fan & Audience

Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand : The Fan & Audience
As mentioned in part 1 of this article, even though Muay Thai in Thailand has changed dramatically in terms of awareness to Thai people as national martial arts. But Muay Thai professional competition here is very unique and it is one of the most desirable tournament fights that Muay Thai sport boxer around the globe would like to experience.

MuayThai fans, when talking about Muay Thai fans, most of the people usually refer to anyone that love to see Muay Thai and they would never miss the weekly tournament (either go to see the ring fight or watch from TV). This group of people is very limited in number as mentioned in previous that the perception of Thais against Muay Thai as national martial art and sport has changed. This limited group of people mostly they watch Muay Thai professional fight for entertainment but there are some issues about people go to see fights for gambling. These issues are widely discussed about this issue in terms of this is the most important factor that effective perception of Muay Thai.

In fact, it is obvious that Muay Thai fans tend to gamble for their favorite in the weekly fight. However, it is quite true that Muay Thai professional competition and gamble could not be separated in Thailand if we look to it carefully we will find that this is the only element that keeps people still watch and favor Muay Thai and make Muay Thai professional competition and industry exist and grows.

Today, Muay Thai fans are not limited to only Thai people, but also people elsewhere that interested in this martial arts. Most of the foreigners interested in Muay Thai as some of them want to be a Muay Thai boxer with the strong inspiration of coming here in Thailand to fight and some of them want to come to Thailand for training.

Weekly Muay Thai professional fight in both Lumphini and Rajdamnern stadium has many of Muay Thai fan who are not Thai. Some of them just coming to watch the fights during their vacation period in Thailand and many of them decided to stay in Thailand for long term to practice or to become the fight promoter in the famous Muay Thai stadiums.

The different between Muay Thai fans who are Thais and ones who are foreigners are foreigners appreciated the arts of Muay Thai as the unique martial art but for Thai people seem that they appreciate Muay Thai as a career (particularly for boxers, trainers and camps). However, there still a lot of people who appreciated Muay Thai as a national martial art as well as it is very unique and only original only in Thailand.

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