Muay Boran Moves : Salab Fan Pla (Shuffle Counter Attack)

Muay Boran Moves : Salab Fan Pla (Shuffle Counter Attack)

Salab Fan Pla (สลับฟันปลา)

Wording description : 

Salab (สลับ) = Switch/Shuffle

Fan Pla (ฟันปลา) = Fish teeth


Salab Fan Pla is Mae Mai Muay Thai that use for defence. The figure illustrate the attacker use punch to the defensive and the defensive using Salab Fan Pla by step back obliquely to avoid the fist, then the defensive use hand grab or push the attacker’s fist away, in the mean time the defensive is considering to respond by other attack. This Mae Mai generally use to defence from punch mainly.

The term Salab Fan Pla describes the figure when the defensive move/shuffle left or right foot one step back, which very much look like the shape of fish teeth, so we call this Mae Mai Muay as Salab Fan Pla.

Watch How the move execute

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