Muay Boran Moves : Paksa Weak Rang (Block and Counter Attack)

Muay Boran Moves : Paksa Weak Rang (Block and Counter Attack)

Paksa Weak Rang (ปักษาแหวกรัง)

Wording description : 

Paksa (ปักษา) = Birds (Thai words often used in poems or mythical tales)

Weak (แหวก) = To break into
Rang (รัง) = Bird nests 

The name of this Mae Mai Muay Thai describes the action when a bird try to break into its nest. Paksa Weak Rang is also defensive Mae Mai Muay Thai. It can be used when the attacker try to grab the offensive’s neck in order to attack by knee kicks or clinching.

The picture illustrates the attacker trying to grab the defensive’s neck to attack by knee kick. The defensive then use both arms to insert between the space of attackers arms in order to interfere his step, then the defensive suddenly attack by knee kick.

This technique can also be applied to when attacker uses punch, the defensive can use the technique to push away the attacker’s punch then respond by other weapons.

Watch How the move execute

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