Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand : Muay Thai Ring

Introduction to Muay Thai in Thailand : Muay Thai Ring
It is likely that today Muay Thai ring, use the same practice of western boxing, such as size, floor covering and stuff materials. But the remaining of superstitions associated the Muay Thai ring only can be seen in Thailand, even though it appears that there is less focus. The Muay Thai ring generally has the same size with western boxing ring, here is a guide line of Muay Thai rules regarding the ring that use for competition.

The ring for Muay Thai must be in square shape. The ring platform could be available in two sizes depends on the availability of space, which are small size 16ft.X16ft (area inside the ropes or fighting area), and 24ft. X 24 ft. for big size. There must be at least 90 cm space extension for the area outside the ropes. For safety, the surface of fighting area must be covered by soft materials (rubber, soft clothes) in between 3/4 inches - 2 inches in thickness covered with canvas.

The platform must be elevated at least 4ft. from the ground and must be surrounded by ropes, at least 3 strings stretched to the pillars at every corners of the ring. Ropes must be at least 3/4 inches diameter and covered by soft material.

At the boxer corners, at least two small ring steps must be provided for seconds and boxers to get onto the fighting area, there should be additional ring step at the other side of the fighting area for other officers and doctors.

However, traditional Muay Thai ring that was use in the past was a bit different form the one that being used today, in terms of equipment used and the place (direction) where each column is placed. That is the red corner placed in the north-west, the blue corner in the south-east. However, it is still strong believes in terms of ritual and the Muay Thai ring. For example there are traditional way and practice before boxers enter to the ring, they must crouch down on the canvas. There is also a strict rule of women not to enter to the Muay Thai ring, which is believed that they will conflict with the amulets. However, in the modern era, the Muay Thai tradition has changed to accept women to become Muay Thai boxer and they are able to entering the Muay Thai ring, but there must be separate arena only for women and they are still not allowed to jump over the top rope to entering the ring which will represent that they are over the men boxers and their amulets, instead they have to duck under the rope to enter the ring.

With this strong believes in superstitions and rituals that associated with Muay Thai ring. All of Thai Muay Thai boxers will be taught by every Muay Thai camp based on the same practice and this tradition could not be ignored. It is also some exceptions for western boxers if they choose to skip these traditions as this is not compulsory routine for most of western boxers. However, it is still worth to learn traditional of the Muay Thai ring and how these tradition associated with the whole aspect of Muay Thai.

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